We are a family owned bossiness since 1980, founded in Medellin-Colombia. At Su Jardin the founding generation still active works side by side with second generation. Both together have been dedicated until the decade of 2010 to the agricultural sector in lines such as: ornamental plants, landscaping, and reforestations, among others.

Since then, until present we have focused on the development, improvement and potentialization of El Palmar farm, located in Heliconia Antioquia, with a distance of 43 kilometers from Medellín through optimal access roads for transporting goods and products.

Such green environment is located in the watershed of the Sabaletas creek. There over 250 hectares are spread out on hillsides that go down to the creek, and, from the top of the mountain water flows down to supply the entire farm by gravity, without using other types of energy.

Su Jardin receives constant solar radiation throughout the year, additionally; diversity of topographical conditions where heights oscillate between 950 and 1400 meters above sea level favors the growth of flowers and greens according to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Su Jardin has an exceptional dry tropical forest climate as well as an extraordinary water wealth.

In addition to the factors already mentioned, farm temperature varies from 18 to 22C, average annual precipitation of 1867 mm, slightly acid ph value, and loamy soil, among many other characteristics of our climate and soil make our farm highly potential to grow tropical flowers and greens.

So.. What does Su Jardin have to offer?

In our beautiful farm El Palmar, we can grow the product that you or your company, from the floriculture sector, need. Remember that we have a high production potential and, of course, great business and personal commitment.

It will always be our pleasure to help you.